Azana is

More than a yoga mat

It’s an attitude and lifestyle that goes with the flow and finds balance in even the most imperfect and noisy of situations. From jam-packed work schedules to crowded city streets and from your local city park to the quiet reprieve of your living room, Azana helps you find transcendental moments no matter where life takes you. So go ahead, roll out your Azana and roll out a little bit of peace and serenity.

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About us

The Azana Story

Azana happens when all the competing factors in life come into sharp focus, fade away, and then melt into blissful balance. While seemingly unattainable and completely aspirational, at Azana, we like to dream big and we’re making our vision wholly attainable for you.

Our Mats

Where Balance Meets Flow

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Perfect choice

for your practice

Perfect gripv2

Perfect grip

The Cork keeps you from slipping, providing the perfect grip even during the sweatiest practice. No additional towel needed.
Natural rubberv2

Natural rubber

The natural rubber keeps the mat steadily in place and provides protection to your joints.
Eco- friendly materialsv2

Eco- friendly

Our durable and high-quality yoga mats are made with conscious ingredients, because we believe using natural materials helps bring you into balance.
Stand out of the crowdv2

Stand out

And of course, the most unique and distinguished design that definitely makes you stand out of the crowd.
Easy to maintainv2

Easy to maintain

The Mats don’t require a lot of attention, after the practice just a little time to breathe as well. Time to time it can be cleaned with mild soap.

Carry-on strap, is included on all our matts.

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The design

Embracing the Chaos

Chaos isn’t a word we normally associate with yoga. But out of chaos, Azana’s unique yoga mat designs were born.

Headquartered in Portugal, Azana sought to find design inspiration in the vibrant city streets of Lisbon. Lisbon’s famous Azulejos, the colorful art that decorates the streets of the city, serve as a foundation for Azana’s designs. With the noisy world quickly passing behind you while you quietly observe the stunning Azulejos artwork, you find yourself sinking into a peaceful serenity despite the world around you. This experience mimics our everyday life and serves as the perfect metaphor for the practice of yoga.

That’s why we’ve chosen the elegantly urban designs that grace our yoga mats. The designs represent our ability to rise above the noise of everyday life and get lost in time and place. We invite you to find your balance in the everyday flow of life with Azana.

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High-quality yoga mats

Honoring Our Planet

Our durable and high-quality yoga mats are made of sustainable materials not only because it’s the eco-conscious thing to do, but because we believe using natural materials helps bring you into balance. No matter where you find yourself, when you roll our your Azana mat, you can embrace and revel in a little bit of nature’s serenity.

Our mats are constructed from cork and natural rubber, so you can feel good about your Azana product. Cork is a sustainable material, and important to Azana’s do-no-harm mission, no cork trees are cut down in the harvesting of our cork. The cork we use is peeled off from the outer layers of the cork trees in strict compliance with Portugal’s governmental cork regulations. These regulations state that in order for cork trees to be harvested, they must be at least 25 years old, and a tree can be harvested only once every 9 years. And with proper harvesting, a cork tree can live and thrive for an average of 200 years.

We’re proud to be an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious company, and you can find balance in the knowledge that when you’re getting on your flow, you’re doing it on a responsibly-sourced and responsibly-manufactured product.


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more than a yoga mat.

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