About us

Azana Was Born

Commitment to you

Through consciously crafted yoga mats, we encourage you to roll out some self reliance, love and inner peace. We sincerely recommend to choose a mat that’s design speaks to you the most.

Because this is for you. When you begin your practice on Azana cork yoga mat, we wish you to leave everything else behind. Be in the moment with yourself and do the practice for yourself.

When we are present in the moment, we don’t have room to fear the future or regret the past.

Finding Balance

Azana was founded on the simple belief that finding balance between the body and mind shouldn’t be as difficult as our hectic world often makes it. With this in mind, Azana set out to create sustainable yoga mats with urban flair designs. The aim is to encourage everyone on shifting the the focus from external factors to within. Even the busiest of us, deserve a chance in finding inner peace, no matter where life takes us.

Because you matter. While we’d love to all be on the beach with the gentle sound of waves lulling us into transcendence, the truth is, we’re more accustomed to the blaring horns of impatient drivers or the television and smartphones constantly feeding us information and distractions.

Take a breath, you deserve it.