We firmly believe that honesty is the best policy, as we want you to feel safe with us and be able to trust us.

Our beginning has been humble, there hasn’t been big teams or grand investments, just an ambitious, nature- and yoga-loving Scandinavian girl who wanted to make a difference.

The first and original batch of Azana yoga mats were designed and dreamed in Portugal, but produced in China with Portuguese cork and vietnamese natural rubber, with careful control over the quality and sustainability.

Sofia, our relentless founder, refused to continue to produce the mats in China, as she believes that Azana has to walk the talk as a sustainable brand. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense to ship the cork from Portugal to China and back from China to Portugal creating unnecessary CO missions. Or does it?

Lets take a look what are the main challenges in producing the right product here in Portugal:

  1. Portugal National laws do not obligate the producers to stand behind their products. Meaning that the factories can produce very poor quality yoga products that won’t last time in practice. Many of the mats that we have seen should not have anything to do with yoga, as they lack the grip and proper support for joints. This has been a major set back and challenge for us, as we won’t stand behind a mat that won’t last.
  2. Technology and understanding are behind. Unfortunately, this is one of the cases, the technology is behind when it comes to producing high-quality yoga products, all the way from binding it together to printing it durably and safely.
  3. Cost to customer. The final challenge in our mission has been to keep the production ethical, but also the cost lower. Our dream is to produce mats here that are durable, sustainable but also accessible for as many as possible. We have been on big scout to bring the materials together ourselves.

And happily, we can inform you that we are extremely close! Our hardworking team has scouted through the land to bring together the best solutions and materials together for us to move the production completely here.