Bica - Cork Yoga Mat

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Durable and high-quality yoga mats are made of sustainable materials not only because it’s the eco-conscious thing to do, but because we believe using natural materials helps bring us all into balance. No matter where you find yourself, when you roll out your Azana cork yoga mat, you can embrace and connect with nature’s serenity..

 Our mats are constructed from cork and natural rubber, the two are put together with high pressure and heat, so there are no additional chemicals added. Cork has an important role in Azana’s do-no-harm mission, but it also has a big role in Portuguese identity and heritage. No cork trees are cut down in the harvesting of our cork. The cork is peeled off from the outer layers of the cork trees in strict compliance with Portugal’s governmental cork regulations. These regulations state that in order for cork trees to be harvested, they must be at least 25 years old, and a tree can be harvested only once every 9 years. And with proper harvesting, a cork tree can live and thrive for an average of 200 years. The correct harvesting requires specific skills, that are passed on from generation to next. 

The Vietnamese rubber we use comes from a tree too and stays unharmed. unlike cork, it’s a liquid, Latex specifically, that is harvested by tapping from the rubber tree. The natural rubber requires some processing to achieve the final form, natural rubber.

We’re proud to be an environmentally friendly and Eco-conscious business for you and for our planet. We hope to transmit to you that by choosing Azana you will be choosing to do your practice on a responsibly-sourced and very much cherished cork yoga mat. 


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Origin: Designed in Portugal, made in China

Cleaning instructions: Use a wet cloth and mild eco-friendly soap

Composition: Portuguese cork and Vietnamese natural rubber

Dimensions: 183*61cm

Thickness: 3,5mm

Weight: 2,5kg

Bica is the morning star. Bica design inspiration comes from natural forces and energy,  passing it to your practice. Encouraging you to challenge yourself, to grow, and forge your inner strength.

The geometric patterns are also designed to help you align correctly and practice safely.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 183 × 61 × 0.35 cm