Do you ever feel that you are not flexible enough to practice Yoga?

Or perhaps you want to make choices that don’t hurt our planet?

Or maybe You wish that there was a help to support your postures and prevent injuries?

If it was “yes” for one or all above, Senso is for you! 

Senso means “sense” in Portuguese, we chose the name because that describes our mindset while developing this product. We wanted to make a product that makes sense by being completely natural, sustainable and practical. 

Sustainable Materials 

Portuguese Production

Safer Practice


100% Cork

Why Senso Cork Yoga Block makes sense

  • Better Postures: Azana Senso Yoga Block helps you increase strength by improving the body’s alignment, which prevents injury, relieves strain, and supports you to get the most out of every posture. It’s a great assist to start to practice your asana’s right. 

  • Completely Eco-friendly: High-quality Senso Yoga Cork Block is made to last, sturdy and durable. Senso is made from 100% natural and sustainable Cork which is ethically harvested and produced here in Portugal. We know, it’s almost too good to be true: completely Vegan & with mega short production cycle!

  • Thoughtful design and materials: Designed to give you stable and solid support. Good and comfortable grip due to the rounded edges. In our products, you can feel and smell that you are practicing with Natural Cork.


Vat included

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